Bio-regional quiz

The following is taken from Deep Ecology: Living as if Nature Matteredby Bill Devall and George Sessions, 1985 Gibbs M. Smith, Inc. P22

This is a pretty cool quiz to take to test you bio-regional knowledge. If you have to cheat and google the questions, then you already have your results. Feel free to leave your answers/results in the comments section below.

  • Trace the water you drink from precipitation to tap.
  • How many days until the moon is full (plus or minus a couple of days?)
  • Describe the soil around your home
  • What were the primary subsistence techniques of the culture(s) that lived in your area before you?
  • Name five native edible plants in your bioregion and their season(s) of availability.
  • From what direction do winter storms generally come in your region?
  • Where does your garbage go?
  • How long is the growing season where you live?
  • On what day of the year are the shadows the shortest where you live?
  • Name five trees in your area. Are any of them native? If you can’t name names, describe them.
  • Name five resident and any migratory birds in your area.
  • What is the land use history by humans in your bioregion during the past century?
  • What primary geological event/process influenced the landform where you live?
  • What species have become extinct in your area?
  • What are the major plant-associations in your area?
  • From where you are reading this, point north
  • What spring wildflower is consistently among the first to bloom where you live?
  • What kind of rocks and minerals are found in your bioregion?
  • Were the stars out last night?
  • Name some beings (nonhuman), which share your place.
  • Do you celebrate the turning of the summer and winter solstice? If so, how do you celebrate?
  • How many people live next door to you? What are their names?
  • How much gasoline do you use a week, on average?
  • What energy costs you the most money? What kind of energy is it?
  • What developed and potential energy sources are in your area?
  • What plans are there for massive development of energy or mineral resources in your bioregion?
  • What is the largest wilderness area in your bioregion?

2 thoughts on “Bio-regional quiz”

  1. § My water comes from the surrounding water table, currently at its lowest point this time of year.
    § 28 days
    § Sandy Loam
    § Recently (1800’s+) Farmers or, whats that word, Pastoral?? Pre-european settlement mainly Hunter/Gathers types
    § Nettle, early spring til fall. Cattails, early spring when young. All the native lettuces, year around. Skunk cabbage, spring to fall. Wheat grass, all but late winter. Fruits(summer): Salmon berries, strawberry, huckleberries, blueberries, and blackberries.
    § From the West, on occasion NW or SW. Some will drive from the south; however, are systems moving west to east in direction.
    § Barged to China I’m sure.
    § Currently in a Zone 5 which can go 250 days. But I like to plan for 180.
    § Guessing June 21.
    § Douglas Fir, Cedar, Hemlock, Alder, and Cottonwood. All Natives.
    § Bald Eagle, Mallards, Snow Geese, Cedar Waxwings, some Swallows as well.
    § Farming into housing developments.
    § Glaciers and eruption of Glacier Peak and Mt. Baker.
    § Wolf, ummm some Woodpecker (Forgot the name),
    § Got me . . .
    § Ok . .
    § Trillium
    § Mostly Granite
    § They were, then it started to rain around 3:00am
    § We have four nice sized Black Tail Deer that love our yard, also a whole mess of Grey Squirrels, tons of frogs (guessing tree frogs), a pair of Northern Flicker that live amongst our Fir stand north of our home. And three cats 🙂
    § We do, a private affair.
    § Six: Tina & George, Grumpa, Chris & Ann, Bill & Mary. The other I have no idea, but they use my driveway as a turnaround 😉
    § Nine and half gallons, and Travel 310 a week.
    § Electricity, about $120 a month.
    § No idea, I would rather focus how I can produce my own and be self sufficient.
    § Lots of Gravel pits.
    § Mt Baker National Forest.

    Thanks Adam, for the great quiz. I’ll score myself @ 60% xD


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